Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching is a fantastic process, helping individuals to identify and achieve goals in any aspect of life. By challenging perceptions, mindsets and beliefs, and focusing on self-esteem and self-belief, confidence coaching can significantly enhance your education, career or personal life.

Gary Leboff has spent many years working as a motivational coach, and has worked with numerous premiership footballers and Olympic athletes, as well as on TV projects such as the BBC’s series ‘The Challenge’. He is a published author with many years’ experience helping people of all ages grow in confidence and improve their performance.

Gary makes one promise – that after an hour, his student will be happier, more motivated and better able to deal with their situation. As a result, he is a sought-after coach for children and adults alike. Gary’s approach is encouraging, individualistic and engaging; he is able to tailor his skills, expertise and teaching style to bring out the best in people.

Learning to Learn

When exam season hits, the pressure can run high for many students. Whilst the subject matter may be tough, often what is even more difficult is figuring out how to go about learning it. Revision and effective learning techniques are rarely taught in schools but are crucial to exam success. Dr Susanna Pinkus, an education expert who holds a Masters degree and doctorate in Education from the University of Cambridge, believes that students often lack the learning ‘tools’ to revise confidently and effectively. She has developed a programme to teach young people how to approach and efficiently manage their own learning and revision, and works with our students to design a bespoke programme tailored around their own specific needs and requirements. This instils a confidence in students that enables them to tackle their revision effectively, often with wonderful results.

Course-Finding Reports/Summer Camp Assistance

As a parent, the long school holidays can seem daunting, with little structure and constant pressure to keep the children occupied. Quintessentially Education can help. We believe the holiday period is the perfect opportunity for children to continue to progress with their studies, but at a slower, more relaxed pace that also provides for much-needed rest. Our Course-Finding Reports and Summer Camp Assistance can help you find a course to occupy your child over the summer, providing both fun and learning. From language courses to sports courses and multi-activity summer camps, we know where to find something that will suit your child.