Finito Work Ready

Finito Transition to Work Coaching

In conjunction with expert providers Finito, we offer a bespoke Work Ready development programme for first-time job hunters making the transition from education to employment. This is a one-to-one intensive training opportunity that allows young people – whether they are school leavers, university graduates, college leavers, mature or overseas students – to build the necessary skills to move forward into the first stage of a productive career, and is delivered in a relaxed and highly-tailored manner.

Finito’s programme is different from others on the market, in that it seamlessly fills the gaps between educational establishments and the world of work, making the leap from studies to employment an enjoyable experience thanks to expert mentoring and guidance.

Through one-to-one, hands-on sessions with highly-experienced tutors and business people, students work through a programme of discovery, exploration and action. Starting off with an analysis of their choice of career, and a consideration of their strengths and weaknesses, they are exposed to senior industry figures as they explore what they want to do and what is important to them as a working person. They then consider how they present themselves, and plan strategies to connect with potential employers in their chosen field, before creating an action plan and addressing the hard skills essential to a successful job hunt.

All those that sign up to the bespoke Work Ready course leave not only equipped to move forward in their chosen career direction, but also with an all-important first reference in hand. What’s more, all Finito alumni have access to a 24-7 advice hotline, providing assistance around-the-clock from a team of experts capable of answering job-hunt questions whenever they arise.

Taking the first step on to the career ladder can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. With us onside, young people are guaranteed access to the guidance, mentoring, support and direction so often lacking when studies culminate. The bespoke Work Ready course is thus an invaluable investment in a productive future.

Graduates of Finito courses can expect to leave with:

  • Clear career objectives
  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Insights from senior industry figures
  • A fit-for-purpose CV
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Developed interview strategies
  • A job-hunt action plan
  • Digital and human networking skills
  • A better ability to demonstrate competencies
  • Greater self confidence
  • New mentors and contacts
  • Access to a 24/7 alumni helpline
  • Advanced writing skills
  • Well-developed social media capabilities
  • Confidence to embrace panel selection processes
  • Fall-back career options
  • An all-important first reference
  • Work experience strategies
  • Tools to deal with salary negotiations
  • An understanding of employment law
  • Tactics for communicating with employers