Guardianship and Relocation Support


We can help you ensure that your child enters the best school when you move, with our bespoke relocation service. We will assess your child’s needs to find the best-suited school, provide tuition and preparation to facilitate a move, offer insights to introduce you to the new school system, and provide guardianship support to ease transition wherever necessary. We can also offer guidance on visa support, applicable to your nationality and the country you are moving to.

“We always wanted to send our son to boarding school in the UK but didn’t know where to begin. Thank you Quintessentially Education for making the whole process so stress-free – both for him and for us.”

Parents based in Moscow, Russia


As a parent, sending your child to school overseas can be an emotional process, and it is extremely important to know your child is being properly looked after. Our guardianship scheme can put your mind at rest. Head of the scheme Penka Marinova has 20 years’ experience as a guardian for children aged 10 to 18, at some of the world’s most prestigious boarding schools. She has looked after more than 70 children from all over the world, and her proficiency in a number of languages allows her to expertly communicate with children and parents, so that parents can relax knowing that their child’s welfare is in safe hands.