Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessments can provide fantastic support to young people facing life-changing decisions, serving to boost self-confidence so that choices can be made with certainty and conviction. Whether deciding on further education or making the daunting transition from education to work, a psychometric test helps individuals identify the best path for them.

Psychometric tests give students a greater understanding of themselves, thereby enabling better decision-making, improving CV writing and interview skills, and prompting better performance at school and in work.

Each participant benefits from a one-hour individual coaching session, including a psychometric profile and personal action plan. Coaching can be delivered face-to-face, via Skype or over the phone, and follow-up support is available. The profile is a behavioural assessment using DISC theory, and identifies how an individual prefers to behave in a number of different scenarios. It is simple and easy to complete, and the report that each young person receives is a powerful tool in helping them better understand themselves.

Educational Psych Reports

The role of an educational psychologist is to ensure that all children are able to learn to the best of their ability. They provide a unique skill set that focuses on the many aspects of learning. Their in-depth knowledge surrounding psychology and child development enables them to have a unique understanding of any possible difficulties, and strategies to move forward, ensuring all children get the most out of their education.

Dr Paul Curran is our highly experienced Educational and Child Psychologist, and he offers a full range of specialist psychological assessments to children and young people of all ages. With specific professional expertise in assisting gifted, talented and high potential students who may be experiencing difficulties, Paul is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society, and a UK Registered Practitioner Psychologist.

Age-specific Testing

Quintessentially Education has the capabilities to conduct age appropriate assessments for your children, either in person or remotely. We use a range of suitable assessments in core subjects including English and Maths to establish your child’s academic ability and current level in comparison to their peers.

We also offer reasoning assessments, which allow us to gain a better understanding of children’s academic ability and potential. The reasoning tests we use are:

1) Raven’s – Educational Standard Progressive Matrices – Plus Version (SPM+)

2) Mill Hill Vocabulary Scales (MHV)

These well-established methods of investigation predominantly test a student’s verbal (MHV) and non-verbal (SPM+) reasoning skills. Both require specific elements of cognitive functioning, and they are also recognised as essential tools for evaluating a student’s general potential for achievement.

The cyclical format of the SPM+ provides an opportunity to assess the “consistency of a person’s intellectual activity across five successive lines of thinking”. This ensures that we are reducing the risk of additional variables, whilst specifically focusing on assessing a child’s “maximum capacity for coherent perception and orderly judgement”. Used in conjunction with one another, these tests also allow us to explore any observed discrepancies, which can be vital when identifying weaknesses.

To find out more about how age-specific testing could be of benefit to your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: enquiries@quintessentiallyeducation.com